State of Our Newsstand Magazine App

09 January 2015

Few weeks earlier, our partner for Newsstand magazine app pulled our app from the App Store as they are shutting down of their magazine distribution division.

We definitely did not see it coming. And we feel deeply sorry for our customers who subscribed to our magazine thru Newsstand.

We are currently working to create a new Newsstand app from scratch, and aim to have that ship in February 2015. In the meantime, here’s we what can do for our Newsstand subscriber:

  1. Refund you the remaining subscription period through PayPal.

  2. Or, switch your Newsstand subscription to Web subscription, plus another six months extended.

  3. Or, temporarily on hold your Newsstand subscription, we’ll resume it back once the new app is up.

Simply forward us your receipt at and let us know.

So we put together a bundle

23 June 2013

We teamed up with eleven other great web app/service providers and put together a bundle – Hacker Bundle.

Hacker Bundle

For $37, you’ll get:

All purchase comes with 90-days money back guarantee and a portion of proceed goes to Electronic Frontier Foundation.


It is a pretty good deal. Get yours before it runs out.

Hacker Monthly in Echelon 2013

13 May 2013

Hacker Monthly is proud to be the media partner for Echelon 2013, happening in Singapore on 4th June 2013.

Echelon 2013

Echelon is Asia’s largest tech conference and one of the best conference I’ve been to. And, I’ll be joining the panel on startups growth and scaling with Sahil Lavingia, Yong Fook and Vincent Lauria.

Come and say hi, especially if you’re a Hacker Monthly subscriber!

p.s: Get the ticket here with 10% discount.

Hacker Monthly + Readmill

18 October 2012

We teamed up with Readmill, a social ebook reading platform, upon their debut of PDF support in their app. With Readmill, Hacker Monthly readers can discuss, highlight, recommend and share their favorite passages with other readers.

Readmill iPad app

To give everyone a taste of what it’s like, we’ve made the latest issue free (for a limited period of time), with a convenient “Send to Readmill” button to your Readmill library. Give it a try!